Our group development activities are specially designed to generate interactions and conversations regarding women's mental health and well-being, all based on the subjective experience of each of the participants and always under the guidance of our professionals in psychology.


  • Conversations: These are spaces for open conversation and active participation aimed to stimulate self-reflection regarding the issue that is being discussed. These activities are held once a month and our main interest is to facilitate conscious conversations and the sharing of viewpoints and emotions of all the participants, all in order to generate more awareness about the relational dynamics that we all tend to establish and, more importantly, the effect that such dynamics have on our daily lives.

  • Training Workshops: These are spaces that encourage the participation and construction of personal and collective knowledge around different problems that were previously identified in the team or group of persons attending the workshop. These scenarios are usually directed to the symbolic aspect, allowing the identification and recognition of new meanings regarding the different subjects or personal and professional areas that need to be improved, all of which is worked from the personal viewpoint and subjectivity of each participant. These spaces are held in our headquarters or, if needed, in the workspaces of the organization, enterprise, or group that requests this service.


  • Cicles: These are designed to facilitate the recognition and interaction of women with other women, allowing therapeutical reflection and recognition regarding the different problems that usually arise from the condition of being a woman. Here, the metaphor of the circle is thought of as a possibility of union, of connection with the feminine through interaction with others of the same genre.


  • Therapeutic Group: This is a space with psychological support that we’ve designed to promote a collective construction, among a certain group of people, that allows them the discovery and understanding of their different issues or difficulties they may have, empowering each individual with new insights and understanding about his/her personal and social life.